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What to do if you have a Sewer Back Up!

  1. Contact a plumber.
  2. Call the Environmental Authority at 225-9477. If you called the plumber, give the Authority the plumber’s name and number.
  3. The Authority will call the plumber and ask what they have found. (The plumber will determine whether the problem is on the Authority side or the residents’.)
  4. Someone from the Authority will be contacting you. Take pictures of the area where the back up occurred for any damages before the plumber arrives and after the plumber leaves. Also document any damages that occurred due to the back up.

Doing any of the above will make the back up worse!! If your plumber needs to dig in order to fix the problem, your plumber should call 811 and determine if other utilities exist in the area before digging. If your plumber must dig under the street, also call us before you dig.

Lateral Line Policy – states that the Environmental Authority is responsible for the sewer service main and the property owner would be responsible for service line from their house to the service main. This policy was approved by the Environmental Authority Board on Nov. 1, 2010. To read the Lateral Line Policy in its entirety, go to the Oldham County Environmental Authority website:


Trash Service Rates & Recycling Incentive Program

The City has renegotiated its contract with Industrial Disposal Company with lower rates effective September 30th of 2011. Residential Trash Service will be $11.25 per month, with an optional recycling service for $3.95 per month.

Any customer who chooses to recycle will be invited to participate in a free “RecycleBank Rewards Program.” Each time a resident recycles, points will be earned which can be redeemed for rewards such as groceries, apparel, merchandise and gift cards at local businesses, such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Dicks, Sporting Goods, Sam’s Club, McDonalds, and others. Current recycling participants should have received a letter, as well as instructions and an activation code for registering. Go to or call 1-866-563-0114 to register.


Neighborhood Watch Program

As you may know, in conjunction with the Oldham County Police Department, some residents have decided to reactivate the Neighborhood Watch program. Crime is on the increase around the country and in our area due to the down economy. One of the best ways to reduce crime in our neighborhood is via a watch program. For the program to be effective, residents need to sign on as Observers or Captains. The more involvement we have the better the results. Also, being organized will create a two way communication with the police so we stay informed about activity in our area.  Police will let us know issues of concern and Captains can communicate concerns to the Police.  We need volunteers!!  If you wish to help out, please send your name, address, and phone number, involvement preference (Observer or Captain) to You will then be contacted with more information about upcoming meetings and plans to get our Neighborhood Watch organized and running. In the mean time, we all can help keep our neighborhood safe by keep a watchful eye and alerting police of any suspicious behavior. The police can be contacted at 222-0111 or 911 for more urgent needs. Let’s get organized, watch out for each other, and keep our city safe!!  For more information on Neighborhood Watch programs, visit


Insurance Surtax

Please check your insurance premiums or call your insurance agent to confirm your insurance surtax  (on any home, auto, boat and first year of life insurance) is being directed to the City of Orchard Grass Hills.  The city code is #358.  As we all have a Crestwood mailing address this is important information to have verified.  Let your money work in your city and not in Crestwood or the County. This does not mean you are paying additional taxes, but only that the surtax you have always paid is being directed to Orchard Grass Hills.